What to expect from the family law judge?

What to expect from the family law judge?

Many think the family law judge is the one who makes the decisions on every issue. That is not correct. The parties make all of the decisions and if they cannot reach an agreement, the parties and only the parties together make the decision to leave it to the family law judge. What happens when spouses leave the decision to the family law judge?

How many parents go it alone in Family Court?

Lack of representation means many parents go it alone in a system set up for trained lawyers Legal representation has dwindled to such an extent that by last year only 20% of family court cases involved parties who both had representation. Photograph: Guardian Design Team It was every parent’s worst nightmare.

How does the judge decide what is right and fair in the family?

In family law, Judges’ must do what they can to ensure their decisions are intended to benefit the children they make orders about. When it comes to dividing property, their decisions must be legally fair. Push against a Judge who is seeking to administer the law and they will push back twice as hard. They protect the law like a guard dog.

What makes a family court a district court?

Jurisdiction.- (b) be deemed, for the purposes of exercising such jurisdiction under such law, to be a district court or, as the case may be, such subordinate civil court for the area to which the jurisdiction of the Family Court extends.

How is Family Court different from other courts?

For that reason, Family Court uses a case management process that distinguishes it from other trial courts. With the One Family, One Judge, One Court approach, cases are presented in a single court, allowing the same judge to hear all matters involving a particular family.

Why does Family Court take so much time?

Because Family Court gives cases involving families and children the highest priority, these cases do not compete with criminal and other civil cases for judicial time.

How does a family court determine if a parent is unfit?

Some factors that a court may use to determine a person’s fitness as a parent include: A history of child abuse. Any court will look unfavorably on a parent with a history of abusing his or her children.

Can a judge order a parent to return to court?

The judge is also likely to order the parents to return to court at a set time so that the judge can review their current circumstances. A child has special needs or interests. A child with unusual medical, psychological, or educational needs may require a higher amount of support.