What was the federal tax rate in 1982?

What was the federal tax rate in 1982?

Federal Income Tax Brackets (Tax Year 1982) ARCHIVES Tax Bracket Tax Rate $0.00+ 0% $1,700.00+ 11% $2,750.00+ 13% $3,800.00+ 15%

Where can I find tax brackets for 1982?

Tax-Brackets.org also maintains an archive of important Federal income tax exemption amounts, including the Federal Standard Deduction, the Federal Personal Exemption, and the Federal Dependent Deduction. The values of these deductions for tax year 1982 are as follows:

Who is the New York State Tax Department?

The New York State Tax Department, along with the Governor’s office and other agencies throughout the state, is responding to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) with information for those affected.

When is the due date for New York state income tax?

The Tax Department has extended the due date for New York State personal income tax returns originally due on April 15, 2021, to May 17, 2021.

Why was the OASDI tax rate increased in 1984?

Revises the OASDI tax rates on employees and employers so as to: (1) increase the tax rate for 1984; (2) keep the current tax rate for 1985 through 1987; and (3) increase the tax rate for 1988-1989. Allows a one-time tax credit for the OASDI employee taxes and the tier 1 railroad retirement employee taxes paid during 1984.

What does the Social Security Act of 1983 allow?

Permits the Secretary of the Treasury to disclose return information from the Internal Revenue Service files on the address and status of such a nonresident alien or a U.S. citizen or resident to the Social Security Administration or the Railroad Retirement Board for purposes of withholding tax from social security benefits.

What was the military wage credit of 1983?

Provides for annual reimbursement to such trust funds of amounts equal to the OASDI and hospital insurance employee and employer taxes that would be paid after 1983 if military wage credits were treated as “wages” under title II.

Is there a tax deduction for earnings after 1989?

Allows a tax deduction for taxable years after 1989 equal to: (1) one-half of the OASDI and hospital insurance taxes paid on self-employment income; or (2) the product of the taxpayer’s net self- employment earnings for the taxable year and one-half of the sum of the OASDI and hospital insurance taxes imposed on such earnings.