Which is the most important question in CBSE Class 10?

Which is the most important question in CBSE Class 10?

To access the chapter-wise important questions, click on the links below. Practise daily to build a better understanding of the concepts of Mathematics. Students can also practise the CBSE Class 10 Question Paper. Download the BYJU’S App to get personalised videos based on Maths concepts.

Which is the most important question in NCERT?

The important questions from this chapter are taken from the previous year papers and sample paper, which helps the students to achieve good marks in the annual examination. The questions are framed as per the syllabus of the CBSE board, and the questions are majorly asked from the NCERT textbook.

Which is the most important question in maths Chapter 14?

Draw a ‘less than type’ ogive for the following frequency distribution. Question 15. Find the mean length of the leaves. Given frequency distribution is not continuous. So first we have to make it continuous. Question 16. Find the mean and median age of patients. Question 17. Ramesh is a cricket player. He played 50 matches in a year.

Why are quick questions important in Your Life?

The reason why these quick questions are important is that you want to adjust your strategy if you answer no to any one of them. Often, we go through life unhappy, ungrateful, and feeling bad for way too long. If something is wrong in your life, acknowledge it quickly, and then find a solution. These questions are not only about yourself.

Which is more important the answers or the questions?

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned from reading books, interviewing smart people, and having conversations with my mentors is that questions are more important than answers. But that goes against everything you learn in school where you’re rewarded for the quality of your answers.

When do you design a level of importance question?

When you design your level of importance question in your satisfaction survey, you need to assume the following: Respondents can recall using the products or services and can give a considered response. This set of rating scale questions, from a Customer Satisfaction Survey, looks at how important each aspect of service is to the respondent:

Do you know the answer to the last question?

(Although if you’re asking these q’s of your BIL… you should probably definitely know the answer to that last one.)