Who is the Attorney General of Washington State?

Who is the Attorney General of Washington State?

Shapiro and Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson contend that DeJoy’s changes were illegal because he skipped required procedures, including a public comment period. Ferguson, who filed Washington’s lawsuit this afternoon, said 13 additional states, including the battlegrounds of Michigan and Wisconsin, signed on.

Who are the Attorneys General for the Keystone Pipeline?

The pipeline is planned to span 1,700 miles from Alberta to the Texas Gulf Coast when completed, transporting about 800,000 barrels of oil per day through Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen led the coalition of attorneys general in sending Biden the letter.

Who are the State Attorneys General for Montana?

Montana will lose the benefits of future easements and leases, and several local counties will lose their single-biggest property taxpayer. The loss of Keystone XL’s economic activity and tax revenues are especially devastating as five of the six impacted counties are designated high-poverty areas,” Knudsen led the attorneys general in writing.

Why did railroad stockholders sue state Attorney General?

Plaintiff railroad stockholders brought a federal action to enjoin Young, the state attorney general, from enforcing the law, alleging that it was unconstitutional and that they would suffer irreparable harm if he were not prevented from acting.

What are the rules for suing the state?

Sue under a theory of diversity jurisdiction. Here, you and the state (or state official) must be citizens of separate states and the amount in controversy must be at least $75,000. For example, if you were injured by a corrections officer working for the state of Alabama and you are a citizen of Louisiana,…

Who are the Attorneys General of each state?

Most are elected, though a few are appointed by the governor. Select your state to connect to your state attorney general’s website.

When is a suit against a state official?

Addressing a suit by an independent state agency against state health officials, the Court, quoting Pennhurst, reiterated “that the general criterion for determining when a suit is in fact against the sovereign is the effect of the relief sought.” 160 The agency sought access to records of state-run hospitals in federal court.

The Washington Attorney General, as the chief law officer of the state, provides official opinions on questions of law at the request of designated public officials on issues arising in the course of their duties.

Are there any famous people from Washington State?

For people from the U.S. capital, see List of people from Washington, D.C. The following is a list of notable people from Washington state. It includes people who were born, raised, or who live (d) in the U.S. state of Washington, along with those who are strongly associated/have significant relations with the state.

What was the purpose of Ricky’s law in Washington State?

Historical context. Ricky’s Law, House Bill 1713, aligns Washington’s substance use and mental health statutes addressing the way we deliver care to individuals. The goal was to create a unified involuntary commitment law that allows those who are at-risk due to a substance use disorder to get the necessary care to protect them and the community.

How is a formal opinion written in Washington State?

Formal opinions involve a lengthy process of research and review. Each formal opinion is carefully drafted by the assigned attorney, reviewed by the Opinions Editor, at least one other Assistant Attorney General and, finally, the Attorney General. During the process, the opinion may be revised several times.

Who is a personal representative in Washington State?

In the State of Washington, any person is eligible to be a personal representative unless that person is a minor, a person of unsound mind, or a person who has been convicted of a felony or crime involving moral turpitude, such as fraud or theft.

Who is an authorized representative ( AREP ) in Washington State?

A court-appointed legal guardian with authority to make financial decisions on a person’s behalf is that person’s AREP. An agreement creating power of attorney (POA) that grants decision-making authority regarding the person’s financial interactions with the agency establishes the POA as the AREP.

When does authorized representation end in Washington State?

Terminating authorized representation. The person or the AREP may terminate the authorized representation at any time for any reason by notifying the agency verbally or in writing. Authorized representation terminates automatically when the person dies. This is a reprint of the official rule as published by the Office of the Code Reviser.

The Washington Attorney General, as the chief law officer of the state, provides official opinions on questions of law at the request of designated public officials on issues arising in the course of their duties.