Who is the ghost of the Inn in NH?

Who is the ghost of the Inn in NH?

The inn’s resident ghost is named Laura, who is said to have perished at just 12 years old during a fire sometime in the 19th century. Multiple guests have reported seeing a young girl in various rooms and hallways throughout the inn.

Are there any haunted houses in New Hampshire?

Locked doors have been said to open of their own will and lights/ceiling fans have turned on and off for no reason. Mark H. Wentworth’s House For the Chronically Invalid begun as a facility to care for the aging and was privately owned until the 1990s — now it’s open to many state care patients.

Who was behind fire in Southern Highlands NSW?

An alleged arsonist is behind bars after being accused of lighting at least five properties on fire in Adelaide’s southern suburbs. Fire crews in the NSW Southern Highlands found a rats nest inside a car which caught fire.

How did Nancy Barton in New Hampshire die?

Nancy Barton. Died in a snowstorm in pursuit of her faithless lover.” One border of the property is Nancy Brook, which comes from Nancy Pond, which is on the top of Nancy Mountain — all named for Nancy Barton. Nancy was engaged, but her faithless husband-to-be ran off with her dowry before the wedding could take place.

Where are the most haunted places in New Hampshire?

Behind the charming ski town veneer of Henniker, fans of the paranormal will discover eerie tales of a sordid past. Widely considered one of the most haunted places in New Hampshire, the Ocean-Born Mary House is a hotbed of ghoulish activity.

Is there a haunted house in Windham NH?

Windham Restaurant is housed in a former 1812 home once owned by the Dinsmore family. Witnesses here have noticed something playing with their hair (especially blondes), cold chills, something unseen that unclasps their jewelry and moves objects in the house.

When did new Lincoln New Hampshire become a ghost town?

However, in 1886, a forest fire destroyed much of the timber around the village, forcing Henry to move his operation to virgin forest new Lincoln. There, forest fires again destroyed the Zealand logging operation in 1897. After that, the railroads stopped serving the cursed town, and soon after the population vanished.

Is there a haunted house in Whitefield NH?

The Spalding Inn Whitefield, New Hampshire The Spalding Inn, formerly the Cherry Hill House, is owned by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, stars of TV’s Ghost Hunters. The 1860s inn is believed to be haunted, proven by apparitions, shadowy figures, odd noises, whispers, and hot spots.