Who was the Attorney General for the UK during the Iraq War?

Who was the Attorney General for the UK during the Iraq War?

On March 17, 2003, the Attorney General for England and Wales Lord Goldsmith agreed that the use of force against Iraq was justified by resolution 1441, in combination with the earlier resolutions 678 and 687.

What did UN Security Council Resolution 687 say about Iraq?

As part of the 1991 Gulf War ceasefire agreement, the Iraqi government agreed to UN Security Council Resolution 687, which called for weapons inspectors to search locations in Iraq for chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons]

Is the use of force abroad sanctioned by the United Nations?

“The use of force abroad, according to existing international laws, can only be sanctioned by the United Nations. This is the international law.

Who was the UN Secretary General at the time of the Iraq War?

In 2016, the deputy prime minister at the time of the invasion, John Prescott, wrote: “In 2004, the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said that as regime change was the prime aim of the Iraq War, it was illegal.

Are there any rules of engagement in Iraq?

The ADF has not issued any rules of engagement for a war against Iraq because the Government has not made any commitment to a military operation against Iraq. The rules of engagement for ADF elements deployed under Operation Bastille are purely those of self defence.”

Why was the British decision to make the Iraqi Army mandatory?

The British decision at the Cairo Conference to establish an indigenous Iraqi army was significant. In Iraq, as in most of the developing world, the military establishment has been the best organized institution in an otherwise weak political system.

What is the current political situation in Iraq?

The Current Situation in Iraq. Iraq’s social and political landscape has changed drastically after an escalation of regional and global power competition, the COVID-19-induced health and economic crises, and the unprecedented uprising by peaceful demonstrators in October 2019 that led to formation of a new government.

Who are the veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan?

“No one gets out unscathed,” says Col. Katherine Platoni, a senior Army combat trauma psychologist with two battlefield tours in Iraq and Afghanistan who has seen and felt the deepening effects of combat trauma. Large-scale U.S. military action is finished in Iraq and scheduled to wind down in Afghanistan.