Why did car dealership not tell buyer that car was repaired?

Why did car dealership not tell buyer that car was repaired?

The Taieri Motor Court Limited​ dealership argued the vehicle was roadworthy, and that it didn’t have to tell buyers if cars had previously been written off for insurance purposes.

Can you buy a used car from a dealer?

Buying a new or used vehicle from a dealer – whether online, at a car yard or at an auction – gives you more consumer rights than if you buy a car privately. comply with the Fair Trading Act (FTA) – not mislead you and be clear they are a dealer

What do you need to know about a used car?

In 2006, an estimated 34% of American consumers bought a vehicle history report for used cars. Vehicle history reports are one way to check the track record of any used vehicle. Vehicle history reports provide customers with a record based on the vehicle’s serial number ( VIN ).

Can a car dealer sell you a car that was in an accident?

These cars are a prime target for car dealerships that want to increase their profit margins. By acquiring damaged and repaired used vehicles that have only been in an accident recently, used car dealers can sell you a car that has been in an accident without disclosing it to you.

Can a used car dealership sell a new car?

Because repairs are expensive at name-brand new-car dealerships, however, used car dealers that do this are unlikely to sell their cars at rock bottom prices. You’re a lot better off working with a dealership that offers its own warranty on the used cars it sells – and the longer the warranty the better.

What’s the reputation of an used car dealer?

Used car dealers have a well-earned reputation for shadiness, with their plaid jackets, high-pressure sales tactics, and predatory high-risk financing. That reputation isn’t fair to all used car dealers, though.

Can a dealer sell me a car that was in an accident?

The mechanic tells you that the car has obviously been in an accident. Because it is illegal to sell a vehicle that has been in an accident without disclosing this fact to the buyer, you may be entitled to some relief. Start the process by meeting with the general manager of the dealership or with the dealer principal.

What’s the best thing not to tell a car dealer?

It’s best not to reveal your hand on the outset that you don’t plan to use dealer financing before you negotiate the vehicle price.