Why should I donate to the Borgen Project?

Why should I donate to the Borgen Project?

Why should I donate to The Borgen Project? The Borgen Project is a vehicle for creating large-scale systematic change. The organization has become an influential ally for the world’s poor. Even small donations have a major impact in fueling the cause and building a political powerhouse for the world’s poor.

How do I donate to the Borgen Project?

To Donate by Mail: The Borgen Project is a 501 (c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit organization (EIN 20-0536470). The organization is located in Seattle, email [email protected] or call 206-471-4148 to arrange a tour of the office!

Is the Borgen Project Legit?

The primary way people try to discredit nonprofits online is by accusing the organizations of being scams and/or pyramid schemes. The Borgen Project is not a pyramid scheme.

Who funds the Borgen Project?

World Bank State and Peacebuilding Fund
The $29 million project is funded by the World Bank State and Peacebuilding Fund. Since 2012, the SBF has awarded 10.5 million dollars in grants and $10 million in matching funds.

Who is Clint Borgen?

Clint Borgen is the Founder and President of The Borgen Project, an organization working to bring U.S. political attention to global poverty. Borgen works nationally with Congressional leaders to build support for legislation that improves conditions for people in developing nations.

How is the Borgen Project funded?

The sources of funding come completely in the form of public investment, with none being the result of private investors. By supporting relief organizations like the FAO and the FNS, as well as increasing funding, we can help end the fight against hunger in Grenada.

How does the Borgen Project operate?

The Borgen Project addresses the big picture. We operate at the political level advancing policies and programs that improve living conditions for those living on less than $1 per day. Advocate: We meet with U.S. Congressional leaders to secure support for crucial poverty-reducing legislation.

Is The Borgen Project an NGO?

Another Seattle NGO, The Borgen Project, is a national organization whose headquarters are located in Seattle. The Borgen Project is committed to ending global poverty by lobbying Congress to support international aid programs and believes the United States has a responsibility to help the rest of the world.

Why did Clint create the Borgen Project?

In 1999, while working as a young volunteer in refugee camps during the Kosovo War and genocide, Clint Borgen recognized the need for an organization that could focus U.S. political attention on extreme poverty.

How much does Clint Borgen make?

Personnel at The Borgen Project

Name Title Compensation
Clint Borgen President $99,883

Why did Clint create The Borgen Project?

Where is The Borgen Project based?

Tacoma, WA
Where is The Borgen Project located? The Borgen Project is headquartered in Tacoma, WA. The office address is 708 Broadway Suite 201, Tacoma, WA 98402. If you’d like to schedule a tour of the office please call 253-433-7118.