A Sneak Peek into the Future of Drones

For the majority of people in this world, drones are fun, new and in most cases expensive toys that they use to snap some nice pictures of their neighborhood for Instagram.

However, these gadgets that are rapidly growing in popularity aren’t just being used by teenagers to spy on their crush. The reason for that is the fact that they’ve shown that the list of the things they can do is almost unlimited. That’s why, in this article, we’re going to discuss the future of drones and in what kind of various scenarios will they prove their worth in, in the years that follow.

  1. Military Purposes

Whether we’re talking about small, fancy, high tech new drones, or their predecessor Predator UAV, it’s no secret that these “little” gadgets have been vastly used by the military on a daily basis in the last 10 or 15 years. But, the good news for our soldiers is that this is just the beginning.

It is estimated that the budget for this technology will be significantly increased, so, the military will have to come up with the new plan on how to divide those $640 billion that is being used by our defense. It’s also worth mentioning that the majority of the new drones that are being manufactured will be used for surveillance, however, some of them will be used for offensive operations too.

  1. Emergency Response

In the last few years, camera technology has been vastly improved, and that has impacted the drones too. These UAVs that are using thermal imaging technology, similar to those used in 3D printers, have proven themselves to be incredibly useful to the emergency response crews when it comes to finding victims that couldn’t otherwise be found.

Inspired by Land Rover and Austrian Red Cross’ partnership a couple of years ago, when they developed a special vehicle which was using drones with thermal imaging for search and rescue operations, many new startup companies are designing a system that will be used for these situations too.

  1. Humanitarian Aid

 Besides being used for emergency responses, drones have also been extremely helpful when it comes to natural disasters. Not only that these devices have been used to assess damage and find victims after something like hurricane destroys everything that comes in its way, but also, in some cases, they can prevent these horrible scenarios altogether.

For example, drones that are equipped with the aforementioned thermal imaging can be used to prevent forest fires, since they can detect any abnormal temperatures. Thereby, teams can not only react in time and minimize the damage, but they can also prevent it completely.

  1. Internet Access

It’s a fact that the internet is probably the most important thing in most peoples lives. Well, maybe not the most important, but it’s top 5 on everyone’s list for sure. That’s why every single tech company that is involved in providing the internet, knowing how valuable global internet is, is fighting for our time (and money).

We’ve seen some attempts by Facebook and Google, with their projects “Aquilla” and “Titan Aerospace”, but there were too many obstacles in the way, so they both got canceled. We can only hope that technology will keep improving so that we can have a global internet for free!

This article was written by Ruaan Nel, the author at buybestquadcopter.com. For more information, articles and drone reviews, please visit his website by following the link above.