How long can a driving licence be suspended?

How long can a driving licence be suspended?

This factsheet explains when your licence can be suspended, the impact on your eligibility to drive and what you need to do when the suspension has ended. If you’re caught committing a serious driving offence, the police can suspend your licence for 28 days. This will be effective immediately.

When is a roadside licence suspension is used?

Roadside licence suspension is an instant and severe penalty for driving in a way that puts the lives of other road users at risk. When is roadside suspension used? Roadside licence suspension is used only when serious traffic offences have been committed.

Do you have to reapply for your drivers licence after suspension?

You don’t need to reapply for your licence at the end of the suspension period, provided it hasn’t expired. Note: Disqualification of your licence is different to suspension. Disqualification is imposed by the court, and you need to reapply for a driver licence at the end of the disqualification period. Appealing the suspension

How long does a DUI suspension affect your license?

The DOL will give you credit for any suspended time you have via an administrative suspension. For example, if DOL suspends your license for 90 days on the administrative side and you are facing a 90 day suspension for a DUI conviction, your total suspension is 90 days, not 180.

What happens if you get your license suspended for 6 months?

A police – ily detain you to request or administer a test for blood alcohol charge, the penalty is a six-month license suspension, a $125 civil penalty, and a $100 suspension termination fee. Subsequent you turn 21, whichever is longer, plus a $125 civil penalty and $100 license re-application fee.

How much does it cost to reinstate a suspended drivers license?

It is an administrative suspension and is separate from any criminal charges or prosecution that may also take place. An administrative monetary penalty is also imposed on drivers who receive an ADLS of a one hundred and eighty (180) dollar licence reinstatement fee.

When do you have to do alcohol education after a license suspension?

For drivers who repeatedly blow in the warn range of .05 to .08, there is a mandatory alcohol education for a second suspension, which must be completed within 120 days of the suspension, or an alcohol-treatment program for a third or subsequent suspension.

What does it mean when your licence is suspended in Ontario?

The Ontario government believes drivers who register a blood-alcohol concentration in the “warn range” of .05 to .08 pose an immediate danger to themselves, other drivers and the public. If caught driving in the warn range, drivers receive an immediate driver’s licence suspension at the roadside: