How long does a BCA assay take?

How long does a BCA assay take?

Choose the right BCA protein assay for your sample

Rapid Gold BCA Protein Assay Micro BCA Protein Assay
Incubation time and temperature 5 min at RT 60 min at 60°C
Total assay time 50 min 130 min
Absorbance 480 nm 562 nm
Compatible reagents Detergents Detergents

What is the BCA microplate assay working range?

20–2000 µg/mL
Microplate procedure (sample to WR ratio = 1:8) Pipette 25 µL of each standard or unknown sample replicate into a microplate well (working range = 20–2000 µg/mL).

What does a BCA assay tell you?

The BCA protein assay is used to quantify total protein in a biological sample. BCA stands for Bicinchoninic acid, which is the key reagent used to produce a colored product. The purple colored product is analyzed in reference to a standard curve in order to quantify protein concentration.

How do you dilute a BCA sample?

This is how I typically dilute my samples:

  1. Transfer 20 µL of each sample to a new cDNA tube/Eppendorf tubes.
  2. Add 60 µL of deionized water to the samples (dilute by a factor of 4).

How do you dilute a BCA standard?

Dilute the contents of one Albumin Standard (BSA) ampule into several clean vials, preferably using the same diluent as the sample(s). Each 1 ml ampule of 2.0 mg/ml Albumin Standard is sufficient to prepare a set of diluted standards for either working range suggested in Table 1.

What is BCA Reagent A?

BCA Protein Assay Reagent A is a component of the Pierce BCA Protein Assay Kit, a two-component, high-precision, detergent-compatible assay that is used for total protein concentration determination compared to a protein standard.

Do lipids interfere with BCA assay?

Overestimations by the BCA assay paralleled the relative phospholipid content of the lipoprotein fractions. This apparent lipid effect was eliminated by the addition of 2% sodium dodecyl sulfate to samples prior to the analysis.

What’s the best way to do a BCA assay?

STANDARD PROTOCOL 1. Pipette 50µl of each standard and protein samples into an appropriately labeled tube. 2. Add 1ml Working Solution to each tube, seal and vortex to mix. 3. Incubate the assays at 37° C for 30 minutes or room temperature for 2 hours. For the enhanced protocol, incubate at 60°C for 60 minutes.

How does the Pierce BCA protein assay kit work?

This BCA Protein Assay Kit is the reducing agent-compatible version of our popular Thermo Scientific Pierce BCA Protein Assay. The kit enables you to measure protein concentration in samples that contain thiol-reductants dithiothreitol (DTT) and 2-mercaptoethanol (BME), and comes with 20 96-well microplates.

How big is a micro BCA reagent kit?

Micro BCA Protein Assay – special 3-component version of our BCA Reagent Kit to measure total protein concentration of dilute protein solutions (0.5 to 20 μg/mL).

How does Thermo Fisher Scientific BCA protein assay work?

BCA Protein Assay – green-to-purple (A562 nm), two-component, precise, detergent-compatible assay reagent to measure total protein concentration vs. protein standard in 30 minutes at 37°C.