How many years did Britney Spears work in Vegas?

How many years did Britney Spears work in Vegas?

Britney Spears Reveals She Went Out Just Twice During Four-Year Las Vegas Residency. Britney Spears has revealed that it was all work and very little play for her when she performed in Las Vegas during a four-year residency.

How much did Britney make per concert?

In addition to album sales, Spears has gone on 10 tours since 1999, most of which had almost entirely sold-out dates. Throughout her career, Spears’ tours have grossed between $300,000 to over $4 million per show.

Who has the longest residency in Vegas?

Celine Dion
One of the most successful residency in history is held by Elvis Presley, who performed 636 consecutive shows at the International and Las Vegas Hilton from July 1969 through December 1976….Boxscore.

Rank 1
Actual gross $385 million
Artist Celine Dion
Residency title A New Day…
Year(s) 2003–2007

How much did Britney Spears make in Vegas?

It’s unclear when the pay rise actually kicked in, but a conservative “guesstimate” of what she might have made off her four-years in Las Vegas comes to around $100,000,000! Britney did her last Vegas show in December of 2017. All told, ticket sales alone grossed Planet Hollywood some $138,000,000.

How much money does Jamie Spears make a month?

But just how much did Jamie Spears actually pocket? During more than a decade of control, Britney Spears has paid him a monthly salary, provided office space and given him a cut of her celebrity. In all, Jamie Spears was paid at least $5 million before taxes since February 2008.

How old was Britney Spears when she did her first show?

Over the four years of her residency, she would perform a total of 248 shows and ticket sales alone grossed Planet Hollywood about $138,000,000. Britney Spears signed her first record contract with Jive Records when she was only 15-years-old. And she’s pretty much been working non-stop since then.

How much does Star Is Born make in Las Vegas?

The star and singer of A Star Is Born was $75,000,000 richer thanks to this deal. This also means that she earns $1,000,000 for each time she performs in Las Vegas. According to The Guardian, the contract set a new level for artists in Vegas.