How much can I get from a civil lawsuit?

How much can I get from a civil lawsuit?

The local court deals with claims of up to $100,000. If you are commencing the claim in the district court, you can file the documents at any district court office. The district court deals with general claims of up to $750,000.

Who is the plaintiff in a small claims lawsuit?

Small claims are one type of civil case. The person starting the civil law suit is called the plaintiff, while the person against whom the civil suit is brought is termed the defendant. In a case called “Jones vs. Garcia,” Jones is the plaintiff and Garcia is the defendant.

Can a defendant make a plaintiff pay for defendant’s legal fees?

Should the defendant lose, then the defendant shall be responsible for paying the plaintiff’s legal fees. Unfortunately here in the United States where we are notoriously labeled by the rest of the world as “sue happy”, we do not have this law passed in our federal legislation.

Who are some famous people who have won defamation lawsuits?

10 High-Profile Defamation Lawsuits that the Plaintiff Won 1 Keira Knightley vs. The Daily Mail. The Daily Mail often seems to be in the news itself as far as cases of defamation and libel are concerned. 2 Roman Polanski vs. Vanity Fair. 3 Chris Gayle vs. Fairfax Media. 4 Sean Penn vs. Lee Daniels. …

Who was the owner of the property where the plaintiff was injured?

Newport initially admitted it owned the property where the plaintiff was injured. Newport’s interrogatory answers and it’s counsel’s certification did not expressly deny ownership, nor did it identify the actual owner and or general contractor (which Newport was actually linked to by common ownership).

What was the verdict in the Doe v Greene Broillet case?

Click here to find out how Greene Broillet & Wheeler can help with your legal malpractice case in Los Angeles, CA. Doe Company v. Doe Law Firm Verdict: $45.6 million Legal malpractice, fraud, and breach of fiduciary duty case involving concealment of conflict of interest in real estate transaction.

Who are the plaintiffs in the Wal-Mart lawsuit?

Claiming to represent over 6.5 million similarly harmed individuals, three named plaintiffs applied for and obtained jobs at Wal-Mart. In a suit filed in Orange County Superior Court, they allege that when Wal-Mart violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) when it procured consumer reports on employment applicants.

What was the settlement in the Doe law firm case?

Legal malpractice action involving the failure to adequately prepare transactional documents on behalf of Government Entity. Doe Individuals v. Doe Law Firm Settlement: $3 million

What was the settlement in Botez v Burke Williams and Sorensen?

City of Glendora v. Burke, Williams & Sorensen Settlement: $935,000 Legal malpractice action involving failure of law firm to advise adequately a governmental entity regarding land use issue. Botez v.