How to get served with a photo radar ticket?

How to get served with a photo radar ticket?

So you got flashed by a camera, you got a ticket in the mail that you ignored, and then you got served by a process server, and now it’s time to got to court. If you haven’t been served by anyone, make sure you go visit and brush up on the law and legal requirements for being served.

How old do you have to be to get a photo radar ticket?

The service can be left with any person over 14 years of age in the house and service is valid. The process server can find out if mail has been received at your address for you and use that to complete the service. Once you are legally served you must appear in court, end of story.

How does the city lower the cost of photo radar?

To lower the cost to themselves, the city lets the photo-radar company do a lot of the work. The city contracts companies that specialize in the field of photo radar to maintain and implement the devices.

Is the photo radar part of the justice system?

It is a part of our justice system designed to protect everyone’s rights. It is in place for all civil matters.

Why does the state send you a photo radar ticket?

The State (the “State” is who issues the ticket, regardless of whether your ticket is from Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, etc.) sends a photo radar ticket in the mail in an effort to save the expense of having the recipient personally served with the ticket, known as service of process .

When does a photo radar citation need to be mailed?

According to opens in a new window Arizona Revised Statutes 28-1592, if a photo radar ticket is filed with the court against you, it must be served to you within 90 days from the date of the filing with the court. This means that simply mailing the citation to you via regular mail is not enough!

Why was the photo radar taken off the streets?

The cameras were taken off the streets for two months due to controversies about their use as evidence in traffic law cases. Many citizens are concerned about whether they can beat the cameras. There are consequences if they do not pay the fines within the 90-day deadline.

What is the phone number for photo radar?

Photo Radar questions will be answered by calling 503-823-2209. Please include your citation number when leaving a message. What if I have questions regarding my court date and/or payments?