Is it safe to drive in a construction zone?

Is it safe to drive in a construction zone?

While road work may be a hassle, no one is at fault for the tardiness it may cause. Be courteous to other drivers who are impeded by the construction and respect all workers present in and around the roadway. Here are some additional safety tips to keep in mind when you encounter the work zone:

What happens if you speed in a construction zone?

Not only will speeding in a construction zone put workers at risk, but you could also receive a hefty fine for doing so if you’re caught by police. Sometimes, flaggers will be posted in construction zones (especially in residential areas) to help direct traffic around the work area.

What are the road conditions on I-10 in Arizona?

Closed road from S Val Vista Dr (E Ocotillo Rd) to S Gilbert Rd (E Ocotillo Rd) due to roadwork. Closed road from S Gilbert Rd (E Ocotillo Rd) to S Val Vista Dr (E Ocotillo Rd) due to roadwork. Construction on BELTLINE RD near MARICOPA RD, Allow extra time. Closed road from exit [275] to I-10 W due to roadwork.

What to do when you enter a construction zone?

When you enter a construction zone or see that one is approaching, turn down (or turn off) your radio, end any cell phone calls, and keep both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Where can I find the current road conditions in AZ?

Visit the az511 Interactive Map to obtain the most current road conditions and information, including: ) or call 511, except when driving.

What do you need to know about driving in Arizona?

The Arizona Driver’s Manual and our guide to AZ safety laws can get you up to speed on the state’s laws pertaining to: Road rules and vehicle knowledge. Traffic signs and signals. Safe driving practices. How to avoid car accidents. Handling emergency situations. Also, make sure you’re properly licensed before shifting into drive in AZ.

Where to go after the drive through at Bearizona?

Fort Bearizona is a separate walk-through area, located directly after the drive through portion of the park. Visitors leisurely stroll through winding walkways to get an up-close look at even more North American animals on exhibit. The Fort is also where all of the shows occur and where visitors load onto the Wild Ride Bus.

Do you need a GDL to drive in Arizona?

An adult with a valid out-of-state driver’s license should have no problem driving in Arizona. As a teen, however, there might be a few graduated driver’s license (GDL) hurdles to jump.