Is the city of Gloucester a good place to live?

Is the city of Gloucester a good place to live?

If you are a cyclist than I would consider Gloucester to be one of the best places in the county for cycling and commuting to work , there are loads of cycle paths and the city is pretty flat 7. Gloucester is changing , there is much investment going on at the moment with new opportunities for jobs , including retail and development

Where are the no go areas in Gloucester?

These areas are 1. Coney Hill ( all of it ) 2. Matson ( all of it ) 3. Tredworth ( most of it) 4. Barton Street area ( a no go area at night) 5. Eastgate street ( no go area at night ) 6. Park end road and the streets around it ( including Cromwell street , where Fred West did his murders)…def a no go area at night 7.

Is it safe to move from Surrey to Gloucester?

To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium – get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. Hi. DH has a job opportunity in Gloucester but we don’t know the area at all (we currently live in Surrey) Is it a nice place to live? And by that I mean is it relatively safe? Are there good schools?

Where to get a good meal in Gloucester?

The shops in the city centre are cheapo budget shops like Primark, 99p shop , cashconverters , nothing of any quality except a fantastic Debenhams and a Marks . It’s virtually impossible to get a good meal in Gloucester unless you like kebabs and fried chicken.

Is it safe to live in Gloucester UK?

Gloucester is a fairly safe city to live in, but like most cities suffers from some criminal activity. Most crimes that are committed in Gloucester is anti-social behaviour crimes, accounting for 37.8% of all crimes in the area, according to Plumpot.

Where to go for live music in Gloucester?

There’s an abundance of bars and pubs that host live music weekly in Gloucester. Get your real ale from The Pelican pub on St Mary’s Street, a warm welcome and live music at Angie’s Bar on Bull Lane, and a VIP booth at the ATIK nightclub on Eastgate Street.

Where does Alan from voyage care live in Gloucester?

The home is in the centre of Gloucester, enabling easy access to all local amenities, including shops and leisure facilities. Alan joined Voyage Care in 2015. Since 1990, he has worked within the health and social care sector holding senior positions within several national care organisations.

What are the most popular jobs in Gloucester?

According to the latest figures, the average salary in Gloucester is £26,000. The most popular occupations in Gloucester include Teaching Assistants, Software Developer, and Software Engineer. The most popular employers in Gloucester, Renishaw Plc, EDF Energy, and Safran Engineering Services, according to PayScale.