Is there a historical marker in Canton Ohio?

Is there a historical marker in Canton Ohio?

In June 2017 Canton applied for and received a historic marker from the Ohio History Connection, formerly the Ohio Historical Society, to commemorate Debs’ speech at Nimisilla Park and other historic events reflecting the park’s importance as a gathering place for the community.

How are the streets in Canton Ohio divided?

Canton’s street layout forms the basis for the system of addresses in Stark County. Canton proper is divided into address quadrants (NW, NE, SW, SE) by Tuscarawas Street (dividing N and S) and Market Avenue (dividing E and W).

Is it legal to drink alcohol in Canton Ohio?

Furthering this downtown development, in June 2016, Canton became one of the first cities in Ohio to allow the open consumption of alcoholic beverages in a “designated outdoor refreshment area” pursuant to a state law enacted in 2015 ( Sub. H.B. No. 47 ).

Who was arrested on June 30, 1918 in Canton Ohio?

On June 30, 1918, Debs was arrested and charged with, among other things, “unlawfully, willfully and feloniously cause and attempt to cause and incite and attempt to incite, insubordination, disloyalty, mutiny and refusal of duty, in the military and naval forces of the United States.”

Where to see movies in Canton, OH?

The Canton Palace Theatre, Centennial Plaza, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame present the Summer Movie Series, featuring films outside on the Centennial Plaza screen each Wednesday night throughout the Read more… Calling all gamers in the greater Canton, Ohio area! Join us at our semi-monthly tabletop game nights.

When do summer camps begin in Canton Ohio?

Online Camps Begin June 14 In-Person Camps Begin the Weeks of June 21, June 28, and July 12 After much deliberation the CMA has decided to make many changes to our camp offerings including new online summer camp offerings as well as new changes to our in person summer camps.

When is the farmers market in Canton Ohio?

The new Canton Farmers’ Market will be open on Saturdays, from June 12th – September 25th (except August 7th & September 4th), from 10am-1pm.