What does a construction office manager do?

What does a construction office manager do?

Construction Office Managers work for development companies and complete duties such as doing paperwork, coordinating subcontractors, processing invoices, maintaining databases, collecting expense data, recruiting and training employees, and stocking office with supplies.

What are typical office manager duties?

Office Manager Job Responsibilities: Maintains office services by organizing office operations and procedures, preparing payroll, controlling correspondence, designing filing systems, reviewing and approving supply requisitions, and assigning and monitoring clerical functions.

What are the working conditions for an office manager?

Office managers usually work forty hours per week, although they often spend additional time working on projects or attending meetings. Most of a manager’s time is spent in the office. Office managers are under pressure from top management to make the administrative support operations of their departments run smoothly.

What are the personal qualities required in an office manager?

Personal Qualities: There is a long list of personal qualities that the office manager should possess more important of which are tact, self-control, enthusiasm, adaptability and sincerity. These personal qualities would enthuse and motive the sub-ordinates better.

How to be a successful office manager in the construction industry?

Frequently, when office managers come to Levelset looking for help or guidance, it’s to understand managing project payment issues through lien rights or how to improve relationships with other contractors on a project.

Who is responsible for commercial management of a construction project?

Due to the complexity of valuing and costing construction projects, commercial management has developed into a technical discipline, most commonly undertaken by quantity surveyors. Often quantity surveyors progress to become commercial managers, with responsibility for a commercial team and reporting to the project manager .

What are the responsibilities of a commercial manager?

Commercial managers are responsible for the budget and keep on top of all the costs involved in large-scale construction projects. They source the services and resources needed, negotiating costs with other suppliers. They oversee projects and monitor plans to ensure deadlines are met, projects stay within budget and work is up to standard.