What does the Registrar of real estate consider in a complaint?

What does the Registrar of real estate consider in a complaint?

The Registrar will consider: whether there are any alleged breaches of the Real Estate Agents Act (2008) or Rules, and what, if any, impact of those breaches there has been whether we’ve looked at the complaint before, and whether the complaint is a proper use of the REA complaint process

What is the complaint process for real estate licensees?

This process might involve: Speaking with you and the complainant separately to understand what’s important to you both and then working with you both to resolve the issues. Facilitating a teleconference with you, your manager and the complainant to discuss the issues and explore options to resolve the complaint.

What happens when you make a complaint to Rea?

When REA receives a complaint, we first call the person who made the complaint (the complainant) to confirm we’ve understood what the complaint is about. We’ll also give you information about what behaviour you can reasonably expect from real estate agents. The Registrar then considers whether REA can look into the complaint.

What to do if you make a complaint about a property manager?

For example, a complaint made by a tenant about a property manager not lodging a bond might be referred to Tenancy Services. If we receive a formal complaint, a facilitator from REA’s early resolution team will contact you and your manager.

What makes a complaint against a real estate agent?

Fraud, breach of duty and breach of contract – these are the top three complaints made against real estate agents. Fraud complaints usually stem from a real estate agent’s intentional non-disclosure of problems with the property. Breach of duty is when the agent’s action proved that he or she did not have the client’s best interest at heart.

When is a real estate agent in breach of contract?

Breach of contract When a client claims a real estate agent did not perform under the terms of a contract, he or she might seek legal action. One of the most common reasons for breach of contract is failing to comply with time frames stated in the contract.

How to file a complaint with the Florida real estate?

Once a complaint is filed, DBPR determines whether or not the allegations in the complaint would, if true, constitute a violation of Sections 475 or 455 of the Florida Statutes or of FREC rules. If DBPR determines they would constitute a violation, it will initiate an investigation.

Can a real estate agent be sued for fraud?

When this happens, the clients of the wrongful real estate agent are usually taken advantage of financially. Whitney, LLP represents clients against negligent and fraudulent real estate agent in complaints, claims and lawsuits arising out of the purchase of residences. Consultations are always free.