What is a reversible protractor head?

What is a reversible protractor head?

On the reversible model, the blade bisects the “shoe” of the protractor and so, if you’re measuring an angle and your blade is oriented with the left side higher than the right, you can flip the protractor OVER the y-axis (an imaginary vertical line) and the left side of the blade will then be lower than the right.

What is protractor head?

The protractor head can be used to determine specific angles, as, unlike a square head, the protractor is marked with the angles. When taken off the rule, it can be used to measure the angle of a slanted edge. Spirit levels may also be found in protractor heads.

How do you use a center head?

How to use a centre head

  1. Step 1 – Place combination square set on object. Place the combination square set on the circular object with the centre head attached.
  2. Step 2 – Mark diameter line. Mark the diameter of the object along the rule.
  3. Step 3 – Mark second diameter line.
  4. Step 4 – Identify centre of circle (if necessary)

What is the use of bevel protractor?

The bevel protractor is used to establish and test angles to very close tolerances. It reads to 5 arcminutes (5′ or 112°) and can measure angles from 0° to 360°. The bevel protractor consists of a beam, a graduated dial and a blade which is connected to a swivel plate (with Vernier scale) by thumb nut and clamp.

What is the combination set?

The combination square set (also simply called a “combination set”) is a measuring tool which is designed primarily for measuring angles and lengths. You may find that carpenters only need to use the square head, whilst the centre and protractor head is more often used by engineers.

Why is it called protractor?

protractor (n.) 1610s, “one who lengthens (an action),” Modern Latin agent noun from Latin protrahere “to draw forward” (see protraction). Medieval Latin protractor meant “one who calls or drags another into court.” The surveying sense of “instrument for measuring and drawing angles on paper” is recorded from 1650s.

Is there a protractor app?

Protractor helps you to measure angles quickly and easily. This app turn your iPhone into a handy pocket protractor that can measure angles in both degrees and radians.

What is the center head used for?

An important square head, the centering head, allows you to find the center of circles and squares.

What is the accuracy of protractor head in combination set?

【Accurate & 180 Degree Protractor】0-180 degree measuring range, and its accuracy is 5′ / 0.08 degree. When it comes to versatility and accuracy, the combination square set is the tool you must have in your toolbox.

Can I use my iPhone as a protractor?