What is the best army for Town Hall 4?

What is the best army for Town Hall 4?

Combination of Barbarians and Archers is universally best. If enemy has Mortars or Wizard Tower near deployment, spread your units. And, always put Barbarians in frontline and keep Archers behind. Barbarians have better HP, so the strategy works.

What troops should I train th4?

This army should consist of 6-8 Balloons, 6-7 Giants and 2 Wall Breakers depending on your Army Camps’ levels. If there is one extra space, feel free to take an extra Barbarian or Archer if you want, although this is not necessary.

What is a war base in clash of clans?

The war base is your home in the war map, and the village is your home in the normal game. For example, your village does not get locked during battle day, but your war base does. You do not donate troops to friendly villages during preparation day, you donate troops to friendly war bases.

What is the best type of base in COC?

Hybrid bases intend to protect both the player’s trophies and resources at the same time and is the most typical type of base. As such, it draws aspects from both farming and trophy bases. You generally want to protect the Town Hall with your most powerful defenses.

Which is the best base in town hall 4?

BEST Town Hall 4 (TH4) Base with REPLAY | TH4 base Copy Link!! – Clash of Clans If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

When do you need a town hall base?

We build Town Hall bases on the basis of your requirement whether it is to prevent Queen Walk Strategy, LALLOON Strategy, GOVAWI, GOWIPE, GOHOVA and other attacking strategy. So, feel free to share what kind of base you need through comment or our Facebook page.

Where to find the best Th4 bases in Clash of clans?

Please choose your best TH4 Farm, Defense or War Base! You also can easily find here Anti Everything, Anti 2 Stars, Anti 3 Stars or Hybrid Bases, we have huge layouts collection! We’re trying to update COC Bases archive and add new 2021 Layouts with Links so you can Copy them!

Which is the best Builder Hall 6 base?

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