What kind of work does Hillcrest group do?

What kind of work does Hillcrest group do?

We specialize in new Gas Staion Construciton, New Home Construction, General Contracting and other Commercial/Residential Construction. Our company also Tarion registered, providing you with highest level of assurance.

Is the Hillcrest Housing Association still in business?

Hillcrest Housing Association has recently changed its name and now operates under Hillcrest Homes. All services will remain the same. Are you insured? Excellent housing and support services to improve the quality of life of our customers.

How many houses does Hillcrest homes in Scotland?

Hillcrest Homes was established in 1967 and we are one of Scotland’s largest housing associations. We provide housing and support in Dundee, Edinburgh, Angus, Perthshire, Fife and Aberdeen, and we have over 6000 good quality, well maintained homes at affordable rents.

Who are painters and decorators for Hillcrest homes?

Welcome to Hillcrest! PAINTERS AND DECORATORS WANTED! Hillcrest is looking to engage with some painting and decorating companies and sole traders to support Hillcrest Maintenance in carrying out work in void properties, common areas and other day…

What makes Hillcrest group such a good company?

With knowledgeable staff and a team of highly skilled and qualified professionals, we are always able to deliver high-quality results in a short period of time. We have worked on virtually every job out there. With so much experience we are able to complete any job no matter the size, scale or complexity of the project.

What are the services of Hillcrest in Scotland?

The services within Hillcrest provide housing, care, support, training, skills and employment opportunities. Excellent housing services to improve the lives of our customers. Supporting people to live full and vibrant lives across Scotland. High quality, in-house maintenance and repairs services. Welcome to Hillcrest!

Is the Hillcrest Bank a member of the FDIC?

Hillcrest Bank is a division of NBH Bank, Member FDIC. NBH Bank operates under multiple trade names in multiple states. Divisions of NBH Bank are not separately FDIC-insured banks. The FDIC coverage extended to deposit clients is that of one insured bank.

Can you get a mortgage at Hillcrest Bank?

Mortgages at Hillcrest Bank. It’s Just Common Sense. Mortgages are complex, but at Hillcrest Bank we’re here to help. Whether you’re buying your first home , refinancing your current home, or buying your dream home, we’ll walk you through the process every step of the way.