When did I start having stomach and intestinal problems?

When did I start having stomach and intestinal problems?

… I have been having stomach and intestinal problems since Aug of 07 and myself and my doctors cannot figure out the problem. After losing 30lbs in just six weeks I had an upper and lower GI test done and results came back good.

Can a gastroenterologist fix your stomach pain?

It’s the gastroenterologist’s, or GI Surgeon’s, job to fix pain that is being caused by the gastrointestinal system. Unfortunately, when the answer is No, their job is complete. There’s nothing in your gastrointestinal tract they can fix to cure your pain.

How to tell if you have stomach problems?

Hi! I’ve been having the same issues for around 3 months. Nausea, weight loss, feeling of stomach fullness and discomfort constantly (gets very bad if I actually try to eat), fatigue. The doctor has ran a lot of test and so far everything has been negative. Also had a stomach ultra sound and tested for parasite’s and still all negative.

Do you get sick to your stomach all the time?

Nobody has ever seen anything like it. I just all of a sudden get really sick to my stomach, breakout in a sweat, have a “hot flash” and feel like I am going to pass out. This happens several times a day. Please, let me know if you have found anything out and I will do the same. Hang in there – I know how miserable you are – and how crazy this is!

Do you need to see a doctor for stomach pain?

Stomach pain can be tricky for even the best doctors to diagnose, so if all you’re armed with is Google, M.D., sussing out what’s causing your discomfort can be hard. For starters, stomach pain is a pretty broad description.

When do you have a problem with your doctor?

If your doctor doesn’t take the time to answer your questions or address your concerns, there’s a problem. The medical community is becoming increasingly sensitive to patients’ precious time. If your doctor’s chronic lateness makes you grind your teeth, why stay with him or her? Your doctor keeps you in the dark.

What to do when you have stomach upset?

What was surprising is that they either tried to manage the symptoms on their own — by cutting back on their medication, taking it with meals, or by taking over-the-counter stomach -acid and pain medications — or simply endured the stomach problems.

How often should blood test be done for stomach upset?

For instance, some patients in the study took extra Motrin to try to calm the stomach irritation they experienced. Of course, this only made it worse. Anyone taking NSAIDs for long periods should report any side effects, and should have blood tests done about every six months, Richter tells WebMD.