When does the new school year start in Iran?

When does the new school year start in Iran?

Students face numerous obstacles in having access to quality education in Iran; such obstacles double and triple when it gets to girls and young women. The new academic year starts in Iran on September 23 with some 15 million elementary and high school students and another 4 million students of higher education.

Is it free to go to school in Iran?

Article 30 of the Iranian regime’s constitution obliges the government to provide free and mandatory education for all to finish high school, but levying heavy tuitions has deprived thousands of students from having access to education in Iran.

How many children are deprived of Education in Iran?

In October 2016, Shahindokht Molaverdi, director of the presidential directorate on Women and Family Affairs, citing the parliamentary Research Center announced that 3,200,000 children and youths were deprived of education in Iran, adding, “More girls are deprived of education compared to boys.”

How many college students are there in Iran?

The figures published by the Iranian state media show a downward trend in the number of college students, falling from 4,811,581 students in 2014-2015 academic year, to 3,616,114 in 2017-2018. (See chart) That is an average of 398,000 less students per year despite new admissions.

Are there any restrictions on Iranian students coming to the US?

The U.S. government has placed restrictions on Iranian students for years. In 2012, an expansive law signed by President Obama denied Iranian citizens visas to study in the United States if they were preparing for careers in Iran’s energy or nuclear sectors. State Department data show a steady decline in F-1 visas for Iranian students.

Where did Iranian students go to graduate school?

They couldn’t board their flights from Tehran to the United States. The 23-year-old from Tehran had been accepted into a graduate program in computer science at UC Riverside. She was supposed to fly to Los Angeles at the beginning of September.

How did Iranian students get their visas revoked?

Sepideh is one of about 20 Iranian students who had planned on starting graduate studies in fields such as computer science and engineering over the last few weeks to find their visas revoked by the U.S. government. The students, the majority of whom were bound for University of California schools, said they received no explanation.

Is the University of California accepting Iranian students?

In a statement, the University of California said it is “concerned that a number of our international students were recently unable to travel from Iran to the United States to pursue their educational opportunities.” The UC system said it is working with the State Department, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and others to seek answers.