When to file a FD report from temporary duty?

When to file a FD report from temporary duty?

From Temporary Duty (FD) The RS at the command where the MRO is assigned temporary duty must submit an FD report when a Marine terminates a temporary duty assignment, prior to a member of the SMCR returning to the parent command awaiting demobilization or deactivation, or terminates ADSW orders lasting 31 days or longer. Transfer (TR)

How does one station unit training work at Fort Benning?

Infantry One Station Unit Training (OSUT) combines Basic Combat Training (BCT) with Advanced Individual Training (AIT) in one location at Fort Benning. Soldiers stay with the same class throughout Infantry training. Unlike many other MOS, Soldiers do not have to move to another installation after BCT to complete AIT.

When do you get assigned to a company at Fort Benning?

Your Soldier will be assigned to the company he will train with after a week or so of in-processing at the reception battalion. (The time spent at the reception battalion can vary based upon things such as medical issues.)

When do you pick up your cell phone at Fort Benning?

This is to ensure that they have an opportunity to reach someone at home and not wake family members in the early hours of the morning. Once Trainees have completed their Day 1 call, Processing Company Cadre will collect and secure all cell phones until the evening prior to ship.

Who is the platoon sergeant in CBRN recon?

CBRN Recon Platoon Sergeant Serves as the CBRN Reconnaissance Platoon Sergeant OIC in a headquarters company; responsible for the accountability, welfare, physical fitness, administrative actions and counseling s of 5 Soldiers; provides leadership, mentorship and training to all in the platoon;

What does a headquarters platoon sergeant do in the Army?

Headquarters Platoon Sergeant Serves as the Headquarters Platoon Sergeant in a non-divisional direct support maintenance company forward deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom; responsible for the accountability, welfare, physical fitness, administrative actions and counselings of 52 Soldiers;

What does the FTR mean for federal employees?

Federal employees and agencies may use the FTR as a reference to ensure official travel and relocation is conducted in a responsible and cost effective manner. The travel and relocation policy for all federal civilian employees and others authorized to travel at government expense.

How many soldiers are in a 13B platoon?

13B/Platoon Sergeant Serves as a Platoon Sergeant responsible for 35 Soldiers in an M777A2 howitzer battery in direct support of the 1-25th SBCT.