When was the last payment made on the Anglo American loan?

When was the last payment made on the Anglo American loan?

The last payment was made on 29 December 2006 for the sum of about $83m USD (£45.5m) to the United States, and about $23.6m USD (£12m) to Canada; the 29th was chosen as it was the last working day of the year.

What was the interest rate on the Canadian loan?

The loan was for $3.75 billion at a low 2% interest rate; Canada loaned an additional US$1.19 billion.

When to record principal and interest paid on bank loan?

To record principal and interest paid on bank loan. More Money signs a note for $1,500 with interest of 8% and maturity in 90 days on December 16. How much interest should be accrued on December 31?

When did Britain have to pay back the Lend Lease loan?

Basing rights were also traded for equipment, e.g., the Destroyers for Bases Agreement, but by 1941 Britain was no longer able to finance cash payments and Lend-Lease was introduced. Lend Lease aid did not have to be paid back, but the other loans did.

How is the principal payment of a loan recorded?

Definition of Loan Principal Payment. When a company borrows money from its bank, the amount received is recorded with a debit to Cash and a credit to a liability account, such as Notes Payable or Loans Payable, which is reported on the company’s balance sheet.

How are bank loans reported on the income statement?

The cash received from the bank loan is referred to as the principal amount. The principal amount received from the bank is not part of a company’s revenues and therefore will not be reported on the company’s income statement. Similarly, any repayment of the principal amount will not be an expense…

How to calculate the payment on a loan?

Payment = Loan Amount × i (1 + i) n (1 + i) n − 1 Example Loan Payment Calculation Suppose you take a $20,000 loan for 5 years at 5% annual interest rate. n = 5 × 12 = 60 months

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