Which is the best contest for high school students?

Which is the best contest for high school students?

Ayn Rand Institute Contest – This contest is open to students grade 8-12 and offers cash prizes for the top Ayn Rand-themed essays. Creative Communication Poetry Contest – Open for students of all ages, this contest aims to highlight the work of talented writers by publishing the winners in a book.

Are there any competitions for middle school students?

Mathcounts – MATHCOUNTS enables middle school students of all abilities to gain confidence in their math ability. Not only can students participate in one of their competitions, but members can also enter their own teaching videos into a video challenge. Science Bee – The National Science Bee takes place during the Academic Bee and Bowl.

What happens if you win the Congressional Art Competition?

The winning high school will receive $50,000 towards their school’s art program. Congressional Art Competition – This competition sponsored by the Congressional Institute recognizes high school students’ artistic talents. Winning artwork is displayed in the White House for one year.

Are there any academic competitions for homeschool students?

Designed for homeschool students or those attending alternative programs, the individual version of the Academic Decathlon takes place online. Of the 10 original events, 8 are offered in the individual competition. Testing categories include art, economics, literature, math, music, science, and social sciences.

What happens if you win a high school art competition?

One winning high school senior receives $1,000 to be applied toward their first-year college expenses. The student must enroll in a program within the College of Fine and Applied Arts to receive the award and must meet all requirements for entry to the University of Illinois and the intended FAA program.

Are there any national competitions for high school students?

A national competition, this event invites students to conduct research in STEM and the humanities to develop a more sophisticated understanding of a topic. Stemanities is sponsored by the Institute for Biomedical Sciences, and finalists are invited to La Jolla, California to present their work and compete for monetary awards.

Why are writing contests important for high school students?

Writing contests are a great way for high school students to showcase their creative skills. Some schools might not have many extracurricular activities for aspiring writers. Instead, students might want to turn to outside sources to get recognition for their writing success. A writing competition is a great way to do so.

Can a high school student win an award?

Five high school juniors or seniors can win an award for their two to three-page essays. You must select one of five prompts based on the events and characters in Wuthering Heights. The essays must be submitted by the high school English teacher or the parent if the student is homeschooled.