Which is the best way to invest in oil?

Which is the best way to invest in oil?

There are a number of ways an investor can get exposure to oil; the most obvious method is to invest in a company within the oil industry, such as Royal Dutch Shell, Premier Oil, British Petroleum, Dragon Oil or Tullow Oil. But remember commodity stocks are highly volatile so spreading your investments is recommended.

Is the UK a good place to invest in oil?

Most UK funds will have exposure to oil, given that commodities and resources firms now make up around a third of the FTSE index of the UK’s top firms. The basic fact is that commodities, and especially oil, are difficult to avoid – it is estimated that the typical UK portfolio has an average of 5% invested in oil and oil related stocks.

Is the price of oil linked to the stock market?

Oil and companies linked to oil have a decent track record of outperforming most equity benchmarks during downturns when stock markets are perceived as being weak; however, this may not always be the case in the future. Again, like other commodities, the price of oil is intrinsically linked to the basic economics of supply and demand.

Which is the best ETF to invest in oil?

ETFs providers include, dbx-Trackers, Lyxor and iShares, which for example offers ETFS Crude Oil, which tracks the price of Crude. Commodity specialist ETF Securities, offers ETFs as well as variations.

Who are the richest people in the oil and gas industry?

In the oil and gas industry the only bigger fortune than Hamm’s is that of the Koch Brothers. But although Charles and David Koch are tied for 6th in the world, with fortunes of $34 billion each, the bulk of their fortunes are not in the operation of oil and gas fields, but in massive refineries, pipelines and chemicals plants.

Who are the oil and gas billionaires in Texas?

Rees-Jones was an early investor and early seller (2008) in the Barnett shale gas play in Texas, netting more than $1.5 billion.

Who is the father of the oil and Gas Boom?

George Mitchell, the father of the oil and gas boom, perfected the combination of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling in the Barnett Shale two decades ago, then sold Mitchell Energy to Devon Energy. He’s at $2 billion (730th).