Who are family business owners in the car mechanics?

Who are family business owners in the car mechanics?

There are some sectors which don’t necessarily spring to mind when you think about small businesses. Jan Lord, who runs a garage in Tameside, gives her advice to overlooked SMEs Jan Lord bucks the trends associated with car mechanics, by running her business just like any other SME. Photograph: Nicolas Loran/Getty Images

What makes a garage business a family business?

As a family-run garage business, it is up to us to market our business, win more trade and create a name for ourselves as an important part of the local business community. The message we’re trying to get across is that independent garages are small businesses, just like any other independent retailers and service providers.

Is there such a thing as an auto repair garage?

Since the invention of automobile, a whole lot of business opportunities have been created around the automobile industry and the auto repair garage is one of them. All over the world, car repairs is one business that never goes into extinction.

How to grow your business as a garage mechanic?

Many garage businesses are owned by mechanics who, despite wanting their business to grow, feel uncomfortable with the strategic side of things as it’s out of their comfort zone. To me, that’s no excuse; if you don’t push yourself, you won’t get anywhere. Talk to other small businesses and you’ll learn so much from them. 4. Utilise social media

Can a car repair shop be run out of a garage?

A small auto repair shop can be run out of an individual’s garage in some states. While licensing is usually necessary, there are typically no restrictions on how the shop owner operates the business as long as all local codes and ordinances are obeyed.

Do you get to know your mechanic at a small garage?

There is nothing more important than a competent mechanic, and you won’t get to know your mechanic unless you go to a small garage. Smaller facilities allow for direct communication with your mechanic. You are able to get to know your mechanic (among others) by name.

What can I organize in my small garage?

Organize your auto lubricants, fluids, and other items in this simple shelf/work table cabinet. You can mount a fold-up door on special hinges, but we’ll show you a faster method of how to organize your garage that requires just a couple of bucks’ worth of hardware.

What are the rules for building a garage?

Here are some rules you may encounter: Only a certain percentage of a lot can be covered with impervious structures, including buildings, decks, driveways, aprons and sidewalks. There will be a limit on the total number of buildings allowed. The garage might have to be shorter than the house.