A 2022 Guide To Knowing The Top Online Video Platforms

Online video content is experiencing exponential growth, and more than 3/4ths of Internet users consume online video content every week. It is believed that viewers retain a message from video content much more than from written content like articles and blogs. Furthermore, the global online video platform industry is predicted to grow 8.4% from 2021 to 2028, and multistreaming has become a massive phenomenon in 2022.

When people think about online video, they think of YouTube. Since its launch in 2005, the platform has become synonymous with online video consumption, but other platforms are worth checking out. Also, if you are worried about ruining your video-watching experience with ads, you can download Elmedia Player. The app is a video genie that allows users to play ad-free video and audio formats. So you can consume online video content through this application for a smooth, ad-free experience.

Now, let’s dive in to learn about the popular online video platforms where you can satiate your video-watching craving.


You don’t need to abandon YouTube, but it is worth adding Vimeo to your list of video sites. Vimeo was the first site on the Internet to support HD videos, and although it includes an array of user-generated videos, the focus is on quality content.

The site supports 360-degree videos and a few TV series. Its user-friendly, easy-to-browse search feature helps organize videos by channel and category. Moreover, there’s an updated selection of staff picks that can help you with your dilemma of not knowing what to watch.


Crackle is a popular online streaming website featuring original shows for the Internet and TV series and Hollywood movies. The site includes critically acclaimed original content like the web series starring Jerry Seinfield, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

On the site, users can enjoy an assortment of well-known TV shows like Doc Martin, 21 Jump Street, Peep Show, etc.


In online video platforms, Utreon is the new kid in the block. The lack of regulations and rules is the site’s biggest USP, but that doesn’t mean it is a free-for-all. However, compared to other platforms, the restrictions are less demanding.

So, if you are having a hard time finding videos to watch on YouTube because specific genres are restricted, you can turn to Utreon. Also, you can pull your videos from YouTube and fill out your Utreon profile.


If you love consuming short-form video content, VideosHub is a platform worth checking out. Content includes everything from to-the-point product reviews to highlights of best climbers or surfers and ways to overcome challenging video game levels.

VideoHub’s straightforward browsing interface and simplicity attract people. It features a menu bar that takes viewers to the Most Viewed videos. If you want to dive deeper, you can use the panel found on the left, and you will find an assorted list of video categories.


When you are in the mood to watch goofy and fun things on the Internet, you cannot go wrong with 9GAG. The platform has gaming videos, anime, funny photos, memes, etc.

The majority of content on the platform is frivolous and entertaining. You are guaranteed to have a great time browsing for hours and even have difficulty not clicking on the fantastic videos. However, some of the videos might not be safe to watch while at work. So keep those risque videos saved, so you watch them later.

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a web-based library filled with a solid collection of free content, such as music, books, movies, and software. The platform brings you a vast selection of historical content, and you can also find newer content. In addition, you can find obscure and old news reports, movies, TV series on the platform, and other content that are usually difficult to find on other websites.

Similar to other websites, you can upload videos on The Internet Archive. The standard video format used during uploading videos is H.264. So, you might have to convert your videos if they are in any other format.


One of the best live-streaming platforms is Twitch, and Amazon owns it. The platform’s primary focus is eSports, live video game streaming, and game-related talk shows. You can even find some non-gaming content. Furthermore, Twitch is known for broadcasting live music videos from concerts and festivals. Steve Aoki and other famous international DJs have famously broadcasted their music sets. What’s more, the platform is the official streaming partner of Miami’s Ultra Music Festival.

The Bottom Line

There’s no shortage of online video platforms where you can get your fill of watching online videos. Regardless of what genre you seek, you’ll find your preferred content on any one of the platforms mentioned above. In addition, if the platforms are ridden with annoying ads, you can download Elmedia Player and enjoy an ad-free experience.