What is meant by the term justifiable?

What is meant by the term justifiable?

adjective. capable of being justified; that can be shown to be or can be defended as being just, right, or warranted; defensible: justifiable homicide.

What is a justifiable reason?

adjective. An action, situation, emotion, or idea that is justifiable is acceptable or correct because there is a good reason for it. […]

What does it mean if something is not justified?

: not justified: such as. a : not demonstrably correct or judicious : not warranted or appropriate unjustified anger an unjustified punishment. b : not spaced to be even unjustified lines of text an unjustified margin.

What is the synonym of justifiable?

Synonyms of ‘justifiable’ That’s a perfectly legitimate fear. understandable. His unhappiness was understandable. lawful. lawful for the doctors to treat her in whatever way they considered best.

What is the root word of justifiable?

“capable of being proved just or true, morally defensible,” 1520s, from Old French justifiable, from justifiier (see justify).

Is justifiability a word?

adj. capable of being justified; defensible: justifiable homicide.

Is your act justifiable?

Justification can be a defense in a prosecution for a criminal offense. When an act is justified, a person is not criminally liable even though their act would otherwise constitute an offense. However, it is not considered a crime if committed in self-defense. A justification is not the same as an excuse.

Is revenge justified?

The desire to take revenge may be justified by the incapacity of the legal system of justice to fully restore the previous situation; but we cannot appeal to justice for help; only for condonation. Revenge can never be part of the system of justice; nor can it be justified as ‘just’.

What does justifying an essay mean?

To justify means that you are required to give reasons for a position or argument. You need to provide supporting evidence and explanations for your position.

What does defensible mean in English?

: capable of being defended defensible theories a defensible hill.

What does justifiable mean in law?

Justifiable means something is “able to be made just,” and you’ll hear the word often in legal contexts. “Justifiable homicide,” for instance, is killing someone in self-defense — a situation where an act that is otherwise criminal is “made just” by the circumstances.

Which is the best definition of public access?

public access(Noun) Media production technology and distribution methods made available to community producers and viewers, allowing them to participate in the local, national, and global electronic common areas that include, but are not limited to television, radio and the internet.

Why is public access disabled on a container?

When public access is disallowed for the storage account, a container’s public access level cannot be set. If you attempt to set the container’s public access level, you’ll see that the setting is disabled because public access is disallowed for the account.

Who is the director of the movie public access?

Public Access is a 1993 American drama film directed by Bryan Singer in his feature film debut. Singer also wrote the screenplay with Christopher McQuarrie and Michael Feit Dougan. The film was shot in 18 days for US$250,000. It was screened at the 1993 Sundance Film Festival, where it was a joint winner of the Grand Jury Prize.

What does it mean to be a public place?

Public place means any place to which the general public has access and a right to use for business, entertainment, or other lawful purpose, but does not necessarily mean a place devoted solely to use by the public.

What is the legal definition of public access?

Public Access means private land over which members of the public enjoy rights by virtue of any law; Public Access means the right of a person to view and copy files under the freedom of information act, 1976 PA 442, MCL 15.231 to 15.246.

What does it mean to have public access to a folder?

It’s “Public” as in your local network public not “Public” as anyone on the internet. Anybody who has access to your drive no matter where they are in the world can see that folder. However you must allow them access to the drive. It does not mean that the general public can access it.

How are public easements reasonably necessary for access?

(3) The primary standard for determining which public easements are reasonably necessary for access shall be present existing use.

Do you have to give public access to your drive?

However you must allow them access to the drive. It does not mean that the general public can access it. Its a bit like a club where you can only get in with a membership card but once there you can only access the public areas but not the private rooms.