How much does it cost to trim a big tree?

How much does it cost to trim a big tree?

On average, homeowners typically pay between $315 to $700 for professional tree trimming, with most paying $475. Some homeowners can expect to pay as low as $85 for a small tree trimming job, while others may pay closer to $1,267 for trimming a large tree over 60 feet tall.

Can a neighbor stop parking in front of my house?

If you’re fed up like I was, you’re probably wondering how to keep neighbors from parking in front of my house. Unfortunately you cannot legally stop your neighbor from parking in front of your house. Try kindly asking them to stop parking there.

Why did my Neighbor get rid of the fence?

Out came the fence but the fence-removing neighbor either got lazy, didn’t want to slave away in the summer heat, or it turns out didn’t have the money to buy all of the needed fence materials. Or perhaps it was a combination of any or all of those. And so there you sit; fenceless.

What’s the cheapest way to get my neighbor to replace my fence?

The easiest, though perhaps not the cheapest, option is to give the neighbor written notice that if he doesn’t complete the new fence within, say, two weeks you intend to hire a fence company to install the fence and send him a bill for 50 percent of the cost.

Is it against the law to harass a neighbor?

Neighbor harassment might cause emotional distress. In most cases the offender’s intent is also essential. If the harm that’s caused isn’t intentional, the law won’t usually consider it to be true harassment.

What happens if your neighbor trims your tree?

Its enough to just damage the health of your tree. For example, your neighbor has the legal right to trim branches of your tree if they hang over the property line. But if the trimming seriously injures your tree, your neighbor will be liable to you for the damage done.

Can a neighbor remove a tree without my consent?

In the case of a “boundary tree,” all of the property owners own the tree and share responsibility for it. Tree removal without the consent of all the property owners is unlawful. My neighbor dug up his yard, and in the process killed a tree that’s just on my side of the property line. Am I entitled to compensation for the tree?

Can a power company trim a tree without notifying the property owner?

The property owner can object, with the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) making the final decision in most cases. However, the law allows an electric company to trim or remove a tree, under certain circumstances, without notifying the property owner.

What to do if your neighbor has a tree in your yard?

First, it’s usually best to discuss the potential issue with your neighbor. Second, your neighbor could be held liable for damages, according to FindLaw. Third, if your neighbor doesn’t do anything about it, the tree could be considered a nuisance, and you could file a nuisance claim, FindLaw says.