Why do lawyers sometimes try to use hypothetical questions in discovery depositions?

Why do lawyers sometimes try to use hypothetical questions in discovery depositions?

Particularly when taking depositions, attorneys will want to get a witness to weigh in on a hypothetical scenario. That can be an attractive question for the attorney because it secures agreement at a very general level, and that general answer can then be mapped against the more specific facts of the case.

Why do guys ask hypothetical questions?

Why would someone ask a hypothetical about their relationship? Because it’s a totally reasonable way to figure out where your partner stands on various issues, which is an important part of figuring out whether you’re compatible.

How to make a list of hypothetical questions?

I’ve put together a list of creative, fun, and occasionally thought provoking hypothetical questions for you to enjoy. Do you prefer Spanish? Click here for “Hypothetical questions” en español. Feel free to jump around the list and pick and choose the questions that you enjoy the most.

How does a hypothetical question help the responder?

These hypothetical scenarios make the responder visualize what their actions would be if that scene came to life. An answer to a hypothetical question can often show a person’s beliefs, values, or opinions; however, these are not necessarily facts.

How are hypothetical questions used in job interviews?

Companies use hypothetical interview questions to understand your behavior in the workplace. During an interview, you’ll be asked a varying number of questions, which require you to employ your problem-solving skills to solve complex business challenges.

Can a judge ask a hypothetical question before a hearing?

Some judges draft hypothetical questions before the hearing and make changes where necessary. Remember if a judge finds a “severe” mental impairment, the RFC portion of the VE hypothetical and the findings must include at least one mental limitation.