Are there any free tools for small businesses?

Are there any free tools for small businesses?

Most small businesses don’t need a mega social listening platform. A free, easy-to-use dashboard that lets you stay up-to-date on what your customers are saying should be enough. Fortunately, Hootsuite ($29.00 at Software Advice) offers a free version of its software that’s good enough to do the trick.

Can a sole trader claim expenses for a home based business?

If you operate your business as a sole trader or partnership, you can claim a deduction for the costs of running your business from home. There are two types of expenses for your home-based business – running expenses and occupancy expenses.

What should I do for my Small Business?

Small businesses that concerned about security (and you should be) need to implement personal virtual private network (VPN) services. These services hide online activity from snoops, and limits who can and can’t access network content.

Can a small business use your home address?

If your small business is unobtrusive and won’t bother other residents (as is the case with most professional service businesses), you may be able to explain the situation to your landlord or HOA and receive an exemption.

Can a limited liability company use your home address?

Although there are no restrictions saying you can’t, limited liability corporations (LLCs) and S or C corporations should think twice about using a home address for their small business. One of the major benefits of these business entities is a limited liability for business debts and activities.

How can I start a business from my home?

Options exist for business owners who can operate their LLC or corporation from their home legally, but who don’t want to publicize their home address. One alternative is to ask the local post office for a P.O. box. Some post office locations also offer USPS Street Addressing Service.

Can you open a business out of Your House?

If you conduct a private business out of your home environment, you typically do not have any clients visiting your house. However, if you publish your home address as your business location, you may receive unexpected knocks on your front door. If you value your privacy, you do not want online consumers tracking down your address.